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Magic Camps

Magic Camps are a safe, age appropriate, teaching environment for young people interested in learning the basics of magic through guided discovery learning. Miles of Magic™ conducts magic camps for libraries, schools, service organizations, other organizations and communities. These Magic Camps provide young people with a unique opportunity to learn from a professional magician. They will learn principles of magic, magic effects, sleight of hand, and presentation, using everyday items as well as some commercial magic effects. Juggling and balloon sculpting are also introduced.

Magic Camps introduce youth to an exceptional hobby with many benefits. They will grow within a fun filled learning environment and benefit through:

• increased self-esteem by learning how to perform age appropriate magic tricks for the entertainment of others

• a greater interest in reading as a means to learn more about magic and other topics

• developing problem solving and critical thinking skills

• improved hand-eye coordination by practicing the principles of sleight-of-hand

• self-confidence in public speaking as they perform in front of other students

• learning how to entertain as well as how to be an audience member

• the practice and encouragement of teamwork, leadership abilities, good citizenship and effective social skills

Magic Camps are often sponsored by local service organizations, local businesses, or government grants or subsidies that make the camps more affordable or free.

Please review the attached magic camp information sheet. Thank you.

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